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From: Me
Subject: Cole sprouse’s dream come true pt. 2I do not know Dylan or Cole Sprouse nor do I know of their sexual
oriantation. This Storie is compleat fiction.This Storie contains minors ingaged in sexual acts. If this offends
you, STOP READING NOW! If you are offended and contenue to read, do
not send me hateful mail.Now to the Storie”Come on guys, get up. You two have a big day today.” Ms. Sprouse told
her boys. “Your manager, Mr. Werkman, will be picking you up after
school and takeing you to the set to start shooting.”"Awwww…” Dylan moaned. “Cant I have just five more minutes mommy?”"You are so pathetic, Dylan!” Cole teased at his brother. “”Oh yea? I’ll show you Tiny Lolitas pathetic!!” Dylan yelled as he lunged out of
bed and at Cole.Cole let out a high piched yelp as he saw his brother springing off
his bed and heading straight for him.Cole knew there was no way to stop Dylan from tackeling him, but of
course this was Coles plan from the start! He had always like to ruff
house with Dylan because it was the only way he could feel him up with
out Dylan noticing.WHAM!! Cole fell to the floor with a hard thud with his brother
spralled on top of him. With that they began to roll around trying to
get a grappel on oneanother. Dylan being the stronger of the boys was
a sure win, and Cole knew this but before it was over Cole had managed
to get a nice feel of his brothers cute ass.”You should know you can’t beat me, Cole.” Dylan mocked his brother.”Well at least I’m the smart one, Dylan!”"Thats what you think.” Dylan smirked back. “Do you really think I’m
so thick that I didn’t notice you grab my ass just then?!”"WHAT!!! I….I….. I didn’t… I mean…”
Cole tried to come up with an excuse but his mind had went blank.”Whats wrong, Cole, I thought you would be happy I found out your lil
secret.” Dylan said softy but stearnly. “Well lucky for you, my
girlfreind doesn’t like to put out, and I’m always horny as hell.”With that, Dylan grabed Cole by the arm and flung him onto his bed. He
then shut and locked the door to their room and pounced on top of Cole.”Dylan, what are you doing?!” Cole’s head was spinning from all that
was happening.”Oh, shut up Cole. We both know you want this.” grawled Dylan”No… Well… I mean this is to much. To fast. Just get off my Dylan,
please!” begged Cole”Not a chance Cole. You put this on yourself by always feeling me up
when we rough house, and the way you look at me when I get out the
shower. Now you are going to get what you have been asking for weather
you like it or not!!” Grawled DylanDylan then grabed Cole by his blond hair and stuffed his other hand
down the front of Coles pants. Dylan could feel the slightest stubble
of Coles pubes and as he pushed his hand farther down coles pants he
sqweesed Coles little cock inbetween his fingers. Cole Tiny Lolitas
sqermed and
pleaded for his brother to stop but this just made Dylan smile and
chuckel.”BOYS!!!! I told you two to get up!!!” Ms. Sprouse yelled up the stairs.”Damn, looks like I don’t have time to finish playing with my Tiny Lolitas new
toy.” Dylan cursed. “Well don’t you worry Cole, seeing as how we share
a room, I can take you any time I want.Cole was still stuned by his brothers sudden and rough advancement.
Sure he loved his brother and even often thought of what it would be
like to be with him. But he didn’t like the way Dylan was being so
rough with him.”Ok, Dylan, I’ll be with you whenever you want but please be more
gental and loving, please!” Begged Cole.”HA!!!” laughed Dylan. “I know you will be my little slut whenever I
want, and you will learn to like what I give you!!”Cole whipperd slightly.Now let’s get downstairs before mom comes up here.Chapter 3 comming soonComments: bobbywannabemegmail.comIf you guys have any reqests email me
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